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Robotic Spot Weld Cell



Production Ready Robotic Mig Weld Cell

Standard Cell Includes:
• Integration of Robot and all necessary Weld Equipment
• Welding Power Supply, Wire feed and Torch Head
• Welded Tube Frame Fixture Table 48”x48”
• Machined Robot Base
• Positioning Frame (Robot Base to Fixture Table)
• Extruded Aluminum Guarding with Coated Wire Mesh & Amber Flash Reducing Curtain
• Pneumatically Operated “Arc Shield” to prevent Operator Weld Flash

Available Options:
• Pentier Supplied Robot
• Pneumatic Power Valves
• Fixture Design and Build
• Up to (2) additional Fixture Tables
• Columbia 298-OA-40-D Impact Stamp (Julian Date Only)
• Technifor XF510Cp Marker (4 digit Part No. and Julian Date)
• Various A-B PanelView Models
• Automatic Weld Torch Cleaner- Cutter
• Complete Cell Instillation or Assistance